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Do you have pain that other

healers can’t seem to bring any

relief to you? 

If lasting recovery is what you want,

then lets work together to meet your

needs in a collaborative healing session.

REVELATION Massage and Energy Healing

Come experience a sense of renewed comfort and health where miracles are revealed. The massage treatments are unlike anything you have ever experience before, because client’s experience Deep Tissue massage synthesized with profound Energy Healing, in a collaboration with their own breath and intentions. 

Working in collaboration we unlock your emotional or physical traumas stored in the bodies’ sore, stiff, or aching muscles with this unique style of healing treatments. Come see why it is worth experiencing. Using my ex-ray vision to pin point the exact area you need we find ways each body part communicates to each other and unlock tense muscle groups. Together we weave and move your energy through your body’s tissues, bones, and patterns caused from everyday living with your favorite color and breath. It is my intent to soothe all your sore aching muscles, realigning muscle fibers and mend energy-meridians to bring your whole body in harmonious balance. 

Revelation Massage is a sanctuary where you are empowered to unlock your muscles range-of-motion. Your body already knows how to heal itself, it is my job remind you how to do it again and again. Together we can work miracles together. Trust, breath, intention, and transformation is here waiting for you. Each massage is tailored to your specific needs. Allow yourself to keep an open mind and try new thing with a beginner’s mind and you can unlock your emotional stories hidden in your muscle memory, clear held patterns, loosens muscles, created better alignment with Revelation Massage Studio.

Each massage sessions clients are asked to combine guided imagery with their breath with my intuitive ability to weave them both into their body. Working together, your massage is none like you have ever experienced, as we bring full healing to your own body/mind/spiritual integration Your muscles will feel alive again, open, and free. Clients are asked to actively participate in their body's empowerment in each session together!    

Near Death Experience

Reveals Gifts

After a near death experience I was given many gifts, one is a unique ability to pull pain out of peoples' bodies without doing any massage work. With ex-ray like vision I see past the physical body and read the energy in your body. Pin-pointing the exact area that needs relief. For some odd reason I can see the threads that weave between, away, or to other muscle groups in the body that had to compensate when a body system stopped working. Like colored threads or roots I can see where they are communicating to other sore muscles. Sometimes I get messages, at times I am allowed to share them other times I am not. Spirit lead conversations requires a very specific listening. The mystic arts requires very specific groundedness, prayer, devotion, and focus to bring ease to both that antagonist and synergistic muscles. The energy healing is not light and fluffy like Reiki but deep and transformative. Using Reiki level 3 training is very useful as a comforting touch after intuitive touch energy work is done. This is a very fast and effective healing approach that loosens up fascia and deep knots where deep tissue work cannot work. But, afterwards deep tissue becomes possible and it brings new ease or freedom to each session. An experience clients can feel in the Divine instance. 

At times, with the client's permission their spirit guides may be allowed to help in their physical, emotional, spiritual transformations. I act as a guide and help channel the energy. Using discernment, I act a physical mover of energies, and help in the clearing of energy systems. God willing, many miracles can be achieved in a split second. (I have been doing mystic shamanic work for 25 years and professional massage for 9 years; trained at Bellevue Massage School; and still I am humbled by the gifts people continue to do for themselves through this work.)

Considering Therapy?

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Business Location:

12536 Greenwood Avenue North

Apartment #1

Seattle, Washington 98133

Look for large cedar trees and a hedged-wall of ivy, north of the building.

Travel east to the rear of the building and park in the handicap parking - stall

which is designated to apartment #1.